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About Us

The Gal’s Got Game® is a busy woman’s toolkit to keep her up-to-date on sports.  We provide a fresh, innovative and light-hearted perspective on sports news with just enough information to help women participate in conversations about top sports stories, personalities and events.

Our founders got tired of not being able to participate in workplace conversation due to lack of sports knowledge.  They had been shut out from boardroom side conversations and Friday afternoon beers because they couldn’t talk sports – not that they didn’t want to, but because they were so busy being executives, wives and mothers.  Plus they were not raised in a sport-oriented environment.  Their shared passion for empowering and advancing women brought them together to launch an innovative take on bringing together women + leadership + sports.

Sport is the ultimate equalizer.  From the mailroom clerk… to the company CEO – anyone can and should be able to talk sports. It can bring walls down in a workplace and create avenues for camaraderie and collaboration.

We want you to experience this sports journey with us. Read our Cheat Sheet to keep up-to-date on the headlines. Check out our Events page where you can find out about the latest happenings taking place around you! And if you need a refresher, or want to learn the basics, subscribe to our Online Courses.

We have personally experienced the huge benefit of being able to talk sports with anyone (especially our husbands and kids)!  We want you to have as much fun as we are having right now.  The Gal’s Got Game® has truly changed our lives.

Yours in sport,

The Gals