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Baseball 101

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You will receive an email per day over 10 days teaching you baseball basics such as:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Different positions
  • Various types of pitches
  • How a team gets to the World Series
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) and how it works
  • Important rivalries
  • What a baseball diamond looks like

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The course starts at 8 am Eastern Time the Monday after you complete your registration. If you sign up on a Monday, your first email will be sent the following week. There are no lessons on weekends, so you will only get emails on weekdays.

Here are some tips to make this course work better for you:

  • Save the emails just in case you need to refer to them again in the future.
  • Schedule 10 minutes per day to take this course. Try to stick to this schedule so that you don’t fall behind.
  • Try not to cram all of the lessons in one day since you need time to digest the material.
  • Subscribe to our Daily Cheat Sheet to stay current and apply your newly found knowledge.
  • Email us feedback through

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